Seen In …The 24th Lilly Street Lasagna Bake-off!

Well, the 24th Lilly Street Lasagna Bake-off was, as you’d expect, an enormous success Saturday afternoon.

Lasagna lovers descended on Lilly Street in South Fremantle in their beautiful beach best to see the winner crowned and to test the amazing range of offerings in the 4-category competition.

As usual the judges’ appreciation of the finer points of lasagna making was tested to the limits.

And the winner was – Simone Pillinger.

Here is Simone receiving her award, with thanks to Zoe and Toni for their on the spot action shots!

Deanna Shanahan of the famous Instagram duo @flotsama djetsam6162, a famous postcode that matches Lilly Street’s, then found herself bustling amongst a very happy crowd of lasagna afficianado and produced this wonderful gallery of all the action.

Congratulations to Paul Jacobs, Jenny Baker and Matt Elliott and the Lilly Street mob on Bake-off 2022.

Long may it live!


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