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Little poems of ship names – mismatched and serendipitous pairings
Jo Darbyshire writes about her work on recycled book covers and the ships that provide inspiration.
The 2017 Fremantle International Portrait Prize
The Fremantle Portrait Prize was the brainchild of Dale Neill, a distinguished Fremantle portrait photographer and is now the fastest growing photography award in the country.
Jo Darbyshire is about to open a new exhibition exploring shipping and the WA coast at PS Art Space in Fremantle.
It's no joke, We're in more trouble, Than Ned Kelly, And not an iron mask in sight.
The Uthando Project: Touching hearts, bringing play to life
Each year hundreds of dolls are made by volunteers in fremantle and shipped to the Port of Durban, Natal.
Crest-risen in the Supreme Court
Fremantle artists Trish Bygott and Nathan Crotty bid for and won the highly competitive tender to produce the State of WA’s Coat of Arms.
Hugh Mackay: the state of the nation starts in your street
People who live in Fremantle and visit Fremantle get it, that the city, all the wards, all the suburbs, are a network of communities.