Freo Today

Monument hill
Freo Today. 2 April 2020. The World not so much oscillating as sitting, with Rotto beyond. From Monument Hill.
South Freo
Freo Today. 1 April 2020 8.30 am. All’s quiet on the home front. Stage 3 restrictions set in. Not many…
Freo Today. Noon 31 March 2020. Esplanade Park, central Fremantle. Eerily quiet. But strangely comforting.
Freo Today. Wray Avenue 10.15 am. Try as Covid might, it’s hard to imagine either Frank’s or Galati’s succumbing. You…
We love initiative at FSN. Here’s a good example in these Covid times. A bus-led recovery. Buses everywhere in central…
Bathers beach
Freo Today. 7.40 am 26 March 2020. Signs of life (but all at sea). From Bathers Beach.
cappuccino strip
Freo Today. 6.45 am 25 March 2020. The new normal. No Gino’s. No people. Cyclists assuming control.
South Freo dog beach
The day after social distancing became really real. Dog Beach, South Freo. 7.10 am 24 March 2020

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