Simply Stunning Solstice Sunset

Just when you think the rain has arrived in Freo and you are unlikely to see another gorgeous Freo sunset for a while to come, we seem to get one great winter sunset after another!

Then the Winter Solstice arrived with the setting solstice sun last night producing superb late afternoon/early evening skies, as Deanna Shanahan from the famous Instagram duo @flotsamandjetsam6162 discovered when she lugged her cameras down to the red lighthouse at North Mole, North Fremantle to see what she could see.

Here’s a gallery of what Deanna spied just before the sun set, including the red lighthouse on North Mole, the green lighthouse on South Mole, Fremantle, and a rising big moon.

And here’s a gallery of what Deanna saw when the sun set.

Simply stunning!


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