Philanthropy – What Does it Mean?

Philanthropy is a word that is bandied about in the media so often that we can forget what it means.

The word is derived from Greek: philos meaning “love” and anthropos meaning “man” or “humanity”. While philanthropy is associated with giving, the Greek interpretation could be seen as a precursor, and implies that a philanthropist “loves humanity”.

How a philanthropist can express this “love of humanity” in a practical manner, was part of a recent discussion at an event held by Fremantle Foundation and Impact100 Fremantle.

The event brought together a range of Fremantle Philanthropists, including those with a Named Fund (a managed investment which benefits charitable causes) and long-term donors of Impact100 Fremantle. Both these groups in their own way express their love of humanity by contributing funds towards their preferred causes (for Named Funds) or by providing funding via a grant process to charities looking to implement their work in the Fremantle region.

The discussion highlighted how philanthropy could be summarise in 3 simple words: Time, Treasure and Talent, and that while the media may focus on Treasure (funding) the provision of time and talent is also needed to deliver the benefits of charitable work.

Impact100 Fremantle is an example of all three. We have donors that provide Treasure and we have volunteers, who may or may not be donors, who provide their time and talent to ensure that the annual grant reaches a worthy recipient.

The above groups of philanthropists “love humanity” and through their respective routes, seek to support the community. If you’re interested in supporting the Fremantle community then Impact100 Fremantle is a good place to start.

Or if you’d like to spread your support further via a Named Fund, then Fremantle Foundation can inform you of how easy this can be.

To find out more information about either, please contact, Fremantle Foundation by email at

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