Show empathy for those affected by the South Mole closure – Letter to the Editor

Our article Rave party the last straw – Freo Ports closes South Mole to Campers, has been widely read and shared since it was posted. The Fremantle Ports’ decision has its supporters but questions arise as to why people find it necessary to camp out and where else they can go. In this Letter to the Editor, Tony Dee, who lives in central Freo, calls on Freo folk to show more empathy for the folk affected by the South Mole closure. For more South Mole Letters to the Editor look here.

Dear Editor,

It’s not going to stop until you help these people find affordable housing.

Most of them are young and some have kids and you don’t know their story, let alone ask them.

The rich and most just see them as trouble or campers. I go for walks after work and have spoken to a few, even ones in buses, trucks and cars and they are lost and depressed and don’t feel part of a community and feel like no one cares or understands.

There are a few girls down there that have kids and have no safe place to go and maybe the same with a few young guys in cars that mind their own business.

Yeah, they drink but who can blame them when they get hassled and picked on all the time and have no home to go to.

They don’t drive and just park and drink then sleep.

Some others may play loud music but they try and bond with one another because they have nothing else.

Some have hi-vis hanging up and work full time and still can’t make ends meet. It’s very sad that people are trying to push them out or away.

I have read lots of Reddit about it and others I have asked their story. Not all are campers; lots are homeless and lost.

Please help these people and don’t punish them.

What’s wrong with everyone nowadays; it could be you. Homelessness doesn’t discriminate and like other posts I’ve read say, they will just go to other places and it may even be out the front of your place or street next.

They are not trying to cause trouble. It’s people simply don’t know what it’s like in their shoes.

Show some empathy people.


Tony Dee
(Address supplied)


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