Where’s Dwerda the Dingo gone?

Regular visitors to Victoria Quay – especially those entering and leaving on foot or bicycle – will be very familiar with the fabulous Southern Crossing sculpture by Ben and Tony Jones.

The story of the sculpture is the story of European migration to Western Australia via Fremantle. It shows a New Australian migrant pensively meeting Dwerda, the Australian dingo.

About six weeks ago, a vandal pulled Dwerda out of its footings and placed it next to the New Australian. It was not otherwise damaged.

Whether that act of vandalism can be construed as an artistic act in its own right, we will leave to another day.

The City of Fremantle is the owner of the sculpture even though it’s on land controlled by Fremantle Ports. We understand the City is in the process of having Dwerda put back where it belongs – on the original footings we assume.

In this pic you’ll see the New Australian and Dwerda before uprooting.

Credit Fremantle Shipping News

In this pic, courtesy of Deanna Shanahan, you’ll notice Dwerda has gone AWOL, leaving only its paw marks in the brick paving.

We are pleased to hear Dwerda’s return is imminent.

Keep an eye out!

By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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