Fox Watch

As regular readers of the Shipping News know, Leighton Beach is synonymous with Fox!

John McGlue’s article Fox on the Run and Davide’s and Greg Leaver’s fab photographs tell all.

So fascinated have so many of our readers been by the Leighton Fox story, we have decided to institute FOX WATCH.

Do email our Editor with your Leighton Fox Sightings, together with pics (hopefully) so we can promote the cause of the much maligned fox. They’ve never had a good press, but we are determined, with your help, to improve their image (forgiving the pun.)

To kick things off, here’s the contribution of regular reader, Stephen Bennetts who snapped Fantastic Mr Fox on 17 January last, just after he/she/they were spotted by Stephen’s partner Sally Knowles. Stephen says he’s sure he hasn’t confused Fantastic Mr Fox with Michael J, Basil Brush, Sly or John McGlue’s fav, Samantha. We guess it’s the distinctive markings!

Amazing Mr Fox at Leighton, 17 January 2024

We look forward to receiving your sightings news and pics soon!



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