Bahijah sails – for Haifa!

The long running on-off, will she or won’t she, saga surrounding the Fremantle arrivals and departures of the livestock carrier MV Bahijah is at an end.

File photograph. Bahijah at anchor in Gage Roads off Fremantle, 31/1/2024. Credit Jean Hudson

As we reported Friday, it appeared the Bahijah was ready to depart Fremantle Saturday night.

As it transpires, the Federal Department of Agriculture announced Friday that they had cleared Bahijah to sail, but not via the Red Sea, to Israel.

Here’s the Ag media statement issued Friday –

The department has approved a notice of intention to export a consignment of livestock to Israel on the MV Bahijah.

The decision was made in accordance with the requirements of the Export Control Act 2020.

The exporter intends to transport the livestock to Israel without passing through the Red Sea.

All consignments of livestock exported from Australia are subject to inspection by departmental veterinarians to ensure they are fit for export and meet all importing country requirements.

The vessel then left Fremantle last night, Sunday night, bound for Israel, around the Cape of Good Hope, her reported destination being the port of Haifa

Here’s her position off Western Australia around 9 pm last night.

Let’s hope the ship and her cargo have a safe trip.


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