Arrivederci Parlapa!

Freo folk are bereft.

Where are we to go for the best homemade Italian pastas and fabulous sauces, accompanied by the best summer salads ever, now that Ada and Giorgio are closing Parlapa’s doors tomorrow, 22 December?

Parlapa opened its doors to the people of Fremantle on 3 December 2013, just 10 years ago. And how we have all loved their fare these past 10 years.

Some of us just dropped in alone or with a friend for a quick bolognese. Others took their bookclubs to discuss the menu and improve their Italian under Ada’s expert tutelage. Foodie conclaves took over the entire space just to have Giorgio spin his magic for them, served smilingly by Ada. Grandpas took their grandaughters to teach them there’s more to life than they realised. Politicians went there just to be seen. Hungry folk needing a good, filling meal went there just to be filled. A little bit of old Italy in Freo.

Thanks Ada and Giorgio for enriching our lives so.

We will miss you!

Arrivederci Parlapa!

* By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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