Interview with Greg Campbell – Author of Total Reset

In 1991, curious about the ways of humanity’s oldest continuous culture, Greg Campbell exited corporate life to live in the remote Kimberley region of Australia with a traditional Aboriginal elder and powerful maban (shaman), Lulu, and his people. Concerned about the state of the world and threats to the continuity of all life, Lulu asked Greg to work with him and the Goolarabooloo people on one book, a journey of 31 years.

The result is Greg’s just published 700 page tome, TOTAL RESET, which you can buy here or online or at Freo’s New Edition bookshop.

Our editor, Michael Barker, was privileged to catch up with Greg Campbell and to make this podcast where Greg recounts some of the high points of his life from meeting Jupiter at the family home in Scarborough, in Perth’s north, when he was 3 years of age, to meeting Lulu in Western Australia’s northern Kimberley region some 40 years later, and then setting about writing Total Reset. It’s an entrancing story with a powerful message, not to be missed.


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Here’s the PODCAST. Enjoy!