Cockburn Wildlife Corridor To Be Saved By The Sound Of Music

    This Sunday afternoon from 5.30 pm, at the Randwick Stables in Hamilton Hill, activism and art will combine to draw attention to the parlous state of the planet, and the threat to the integrity of the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor in particular.

    In the process you will be treated to the premiere of the music video, Elegy For A Burning World, which features the music of neo-classical violinist, Madeleine Antoine and the video direction of Steven Alyian.

    As part of the premiere, environmental defenders will speak to the threat to Cockburn’s Wildlife Corridor, of which the Randwick Stables are part, and how best the community can protect the area.

    As you will discover, the video features many incredible local community members, musicians and dancers.

    The music seeks to respond to a planet that faces an existential crisis. Madeleine explains that, in any massive crisis, there are those who respond with what they know best. In this case, ‘haunting art that seeks to cut through the vapidity of human greed to the part of us that recognises there is nothing more precious than protecting our native species and natural environment’.

    Madeleine says we are living in the midst of a sixth mass extinction. In that context, Elegy for a Burning World is a ‘funeral piece’ for the countless precious species that have been lost.

    The video conveys how the spirits of the elements (earth, fire, plants, air, water) see and feel the loss within them, and are called to join together in mourning. Together they build a funeral pyre, alongside children who represent future generations, while the violinist and dancers (Emma Sangalli and Katelin Holland) perform to honour the lives of the lost species.

    The video was directed by Steven Alyian, whose creative vision, including many subtle references to the process of dying and powerful imagery are integral to the piece.

    Elegy For a Burning World is as a part of Madeleine Antoine’s full debut solo album Sol via Stock Records.

    Many local folk feature in the video: Charlotte Antoine, Terra and Coco, Saurav Randev, Rus Hughes, Priya Leevers and Aeon, Raymond Grenfell and Brahma, Leigh Vegas, David Bearsley, Julia Watson, Zoe Theiadore and Piper, and Hagrid. The make-up artist was Vikki Aldridge.

    Get along, it really should be fun, and you’ll come away inspired to help save not only the planet, but also Cockburn’s Wildlife Corridor.


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