Christian Brothers Vs Tuart Place – The Story So Far

First there was the Christian Brothers’ demand for them to leave, then Tuart Place’s refusal to go, then an impasse, then the Rally.

What happens next?

In this podcast interview with Tuart Place Director, Dr Philippa White, we explore this question and how Tuart Place would like the matter to be resolved.

Last week we posted a story on the demand of Christian Brothers that Tuart Place vacate the premises at 24 High Street, Fremantle, it has been occupying on a peppercorn rent from the Christian Brothers for the past 15 years. Tuart Place is a community service supporting hundreds of survivors of institutional child abuse in Western Australia, including survivors of abuse at Christian Brothers’ institutions.

On Wednesday of this week, a large crowd, estimated at around 150 in number, attended a Rally protesting the threatened eviction of Tuart Place by the Christian Brothers.

The Rally was addressed by Dr Philippa White, the Director of Tuart Place, and a bipartisan group of federal and state politicians including Senator Dean Smith, former Senator Rachel Siewert, State Minister and local Freo MP Simone McGurk, and State Minister Dave Kelly.

Here’s a gallery of some of the Rally action, taken by Deanna Shanahan.

So –
* just what was the Rally all about?
* why don’t the Christian Brothers want to support Tuart Place any longer?
* what do Tuart Place propose should happen to resolve the stand-off with the Christian Brothers?

Dr Philippa White. Credit Deanna Shanahan

We addressed these questions to Dr Philippa White, the Director of Tuart Place, who kindly agreed to meet with our editor, Michael Barker, to explain the answers.

Here’s our podcast interview with Dr White.

Do listen, it’s most informative.

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