Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe, 2022

The sun turned the sky and the ocean orange and pink – a perfect backdrop for over 70 sculptures from across the world on show at this year’s Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach.

We should say, on the basis Cottesloe and nearby Swanbourne take their names from the family Baronetcy and seat in Buckinghamshire, England, of Captain Charles Fremantle who arrived at the Swan River on HMS Challenger in May 1829, to pave the way for the arrival of Captain James Stirling and his hardy band of British settlers a few months later, and lent his name to our famous port city, Cottesloe Beach and Sculpture by the Sea may reasonably be considered both part of Fremantle and a Fremantle event!

The event – one of the world’s largest free to the public sculpture exhibitions – is always stunning, and this year is no exception.

And there is always a winner.

This year the winner is – Yes, the giant Easter Bunny!

Japanese artists Osamu and Masako Ohnishi have been awarded the major Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe Artist Award of $30,000 for their work ‘USAGI Shelter’, an inviting, interactive work in the shape of a rabbit’s head.

Our Jean Hudson was on hand as the sun dipped on Friday night and recorded some lovely pics of some of the spectacular sculptures. Here they are.

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* Words and pictures in this article by Jean Hudson @jeansodyssey