Vote Today, Don’t Complain Later!

Hi Folks!

The  last day for voting in the City of Fremantle local government elections for a new Mayor and a bunch of Councillors, is this Saturday 16 October.

That means you have today, tomorrow and Saturday to vote.

The way to vote is to go to the City of Fremantle  Council Offices at Freo Oval, or even the Freo Town Hall on Saturday up to 6 pm and drop your ballot papers in the ballot box.

If you have lost your voting package you can call in to the Council Offices and apply for a new one

Dont post your vote in, as it want get there in time to be counted.

You are not obliged to vote, of course, but why not do so? Wouldn’t it be good to have a big turnout – more than he usual 30% of eligible voters, if we’re lucky – that produces a Mayor and Council that truly reflects the whole of the Freo community?

So many people seem to become trenchant critics of what the Council decides after the event of the elections. You wonder whether they all exercised  their right to vote for the Mayot and Councillors when they had the chance.


* This article wa write you Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News