Jacobus Capone’s Heart Now Beating At FAC

If you are looking for somewhere out of home or office where you can be transported to another place during this wet, wet, wet winter, then get along to ‘Beating Heart’, an ambitious exhibition by Perth contemporary artist Jacobus Capone at the Fremantle Arts Centre until 7 September.

Capone presents three significant bodies of work including video, installation and works on paper.

At the centre of Beating Heart is a 10-channel video installation Echo & Abyss, shown in its entirety for the first time.

Experienced from within a vast circle of screens, this work draws viewers into sublime, frozen landscapes, which were filmed in locations from Sierre in Switzerland to Greenland’s ice sheet.

As the exhibition notes say, the stark enormity, elemental power and slow geological time within these scenes are all measured against the artist’s own body, as he appears at surrender within each landscape. 

The notes add that across Capone’s works there is an unflinching drive to understand human thresholds and the timeframe of a single life.

For that reason alone you owe it to yourself to see the exhibition.

As you take it all in you will doubtless experience, as the artist intends,  a powerful sense of cohesion and of human and environmental fragility.

So find time to visit the exhibition and test out your own beating heart.

* Images of exhibition originals by Jean Hudson