Latest on the Covid Ships & Seafarers

WA Health advises us there are now 11 active COVID-19 cases being monitored by WA Health, including two cases linked to the MV Darya Krishna who are in hospital, one case in hotel quarantine and eight cases aboard the BBC California berthed at Fremantle Port.

There’s also an additional case linked to the MV Darya Krishna that was identified after the reporting period concluded. This case is in hospital and will be included in tomorrow’s numbers.

One of the crew members from the MV Darya Krishna remains in ICU in a serious but stable condition, and the other two crew members are in a stable condition on a ward. The remaining 17 people on board the vessel will be tested today, with results expected in the coming days.

MV Darya Krishna Transfer Update

WA Health further advises it is investigating an incident that took place at Fiona Stanley Hospital during the emergency transfer from the helipad to a designated lift. FSH enacted COVID protocols during the transfer of the three crew members from the MV Darya Krishna. Staff managing the three crew members were fully vaccinated and wearing PPE, as they were transferred to their respective wards. Each patient was accompanied by a clinical team and a COVID spotter to safeguard the transfer.

FSH COVID patient transfer stipulates that after each transfer the designated lift is automatically locked and to remain open on the helipad level to ventilate for 30 minutes, prior to the lift being cleaned. The process also calls for the COVID spotter to monitor the lift to ensure it locks and remains at the helipad.

This end-to-end process was successfully tested on Friday 23 July 2021.

Yesterday, a technical fault failed to lock the lift at the helipad level after the transfer of the first crew member.

The COVID spotter observed the issue of the lift failure and requested the lift be manually locked down. However, two staff members, unrelated to the transfer process, did access the lift from a different level before manual lockdown could occur.

Given the short duration of time between the patient leaving the lift and the staff members entering, they are being considered as a close contact.

As a precaution the staff members will isolate in hotel quarantine for 14 days and undergo the necessary COVID testing.

No other breaches were identified during the care and movement of the following two crew members.

Lift mechanics have been called to identify the issue today.