Look What Just Arrived In Our Email Inbox!

No, not that image, but a poem!


So much so, we thought we’d share it.

And then we went hunting for an image that we thought could very roughly be said to go with it.

Credit: gallery247.com.au

Anyway, you’re probably best advised simply to ignore the lovely pic and just read the poem.

Here it is.

Thanks contributing Poet!

Autumnal Summer

These crickets pulsing
Heavy bright air
Grass green and
Browning, trees still
Air still birds

Memories of
Early Summer
Hay carting onto the
Old truck stacked
High reeling over
Paddocks stubbled
Following the line of
Bales dropped like
Rabbit poo.
The steady haze
Of fullness and
Pregnant proud-felt

Now is not then,
This Autumnal warmth
Promises cooling,
Growing, raining
Clutching for wamth
In the damp
Cold days.

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