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How good is Read Write Now?

This is what Ben said in an Independent RWN Student Survey in 2018 –

“It’s one of the best organisations there is, the way they deal with things, compassionate, listening. It helped me more in the first 4-5 weeks than my entire school life”.

Many adults cannot imagine what it would be like not being able to read a newspaper, fill out a form or write a letter to a loved one. Perhaps they have stayed in the one job for many years to hide the fact that their reading and writing is not that good.

A staggering 46% of the adult Australian population has problems with everyday functional literacy. Read Write Now is an adult literacy program that actively works to reduce the stigma and shame surrounding literacy. Up to 650 volunteer tutors operate out of 18 regions throughout the state, assisting up to 800 adults per year with reading, writing and basic maths.

Read Write Now has been operating in Western Australia since 1977. It has helped thousands of adults improve their reading and writing. Students in the Read Write Now program meet with a trained volunteer tutor once a week, one-to-one, free of charge, to help improve reading and writing skills. There are no tests and no text books; lesson plans are developed around individual needs to achieve individual goals.

The adult students come from a range of backgrounds – some run their own small businesses, some are TAFE students, or parents who want to read to their children and assist with homework. Some are struggling to keep their jobs or are working toward a promotion and require additional skills.

Read Write Now has a very active group in and around Fremantle and is keen to build up its student numbers to offer adults the opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills and become more involved in their community. Prospective students can phone 1800 018 802 for more information.

The free, confidential service is funded by the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

So, if you’d like to enrol in Read Write Now or know someone who might like to, don’t hesitate to do so, call 1800 018 802 right now!

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