‘Freo’s 10 Year Turnaround’ – The Documentary

Here’s a documentary not to be missed. A version of the famous ‘Seven Up!’ docos, one presumes!

Starting 10 years ago, Linda Blagg took, as her thesis, the proposition that the City of Fremantle was about to undergo once-in-a-generation transformation and urban renewal under the leadership of Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt and a Council focused on how sustainability can enable quality urban renewal, and turned it into a Ph D-documentary. What an ambitious project!

Well, the doco, Freo’s 10 Year Turnaround by Dr Linda Blagg, as Linda now is, will be presented by The Fremantle Network and University of Notre Dame Australia, at UNDA’s Tannock Hall on Thursday, 5 November.

It’s a topic that will, no doubt, be of interest to many, supporters and critics alike.

Linda’s doco concludes that the city has been transformed over the past decade, despite the global financial crisis, the end of the mining boom and a global pandemic, and tells the story of the process.

You will want to be there! Due to usual social distancing rules that continue to apply, and to avoid disappointment, you should take care to book a seat.

The screening of Freo’s 10 Year Turn Around will be followed by a Q&A with key players from the doco, including Dr Pettitt and Professor Peter Newman.

Here’s a short trailer to give you a feel for what to expect!

When: Thursday 5 November 2020 at 6 pm

Where: At Tannock Hall, UNDA, corner of Cliff and Croke Streets, Fremantle

Bookings: Essential via Eventbrite.