SHAC Incubate – Established women artists mentoring emerging female artists

Online Exhibition – Friday 1 May 6pm

Online Workshops & Talks – Saturday 2 May and Sunday 3 May

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SHAC Incubate artists programme celebrates the land we live on, the communities who live here now, and those who have lived here in the past.

Using a grant awarded by City of Fremantle in late 2019, SHAC is able to showcase emerging and established female talent responding to the current pandemic situation. Presenting a platform where women’s art and voices can be represented, views shared with others and the conversation expanded about how artists can survive in the arts right now.

The SHAC Incubate artists programme includes three weeks of collaborative enquiry engaging with different minds and art forms, with participants learning more about each of the SHAC & associate artists’ backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. New cross-artform works will be developed by each mentor and emerging artist mentoree.

Creative workshops will be delivered online for artists and the general public.

Performances will be streamed live via the SHAC Facebook Group .

And an exhibition curated of the collaborative work produced and displayed on the SHAC website virtual online gallery here.

Watch the development of the artworks unfold, as each artist mentor/mentoree’s visual and written documentation features weekly in the SHAC Facebook Group, where the full programme can also be found.

SHAC Incubate Project Artists

SHAC Established Artists Emerging Artists Artform
Lynne Tynley Mickaela Miller Visual art
Fiona Gavino Natalie Scholtz Art gallery curation/installation
Lynda Moylan (Diva Dingo) Gaea Anastas Circus/performance skills
Marcelle Riley Seantelle Walsh Indigenous arts & culture
Tineke van der Eecken Elsewhere/Rebecca Poetry/electronic music production