NowHere: The Decisive Moment

This forthcoming photographic exhibition and panel discussion with Q&A caught our eye at FSN. You may be interested in getting along.

NowHere: The Decisive Moment (Politics)
Photographic exhibition and public lectures confronting the Anthropocene
by Gwenaël Velge & Dr. Neville Ellis

15th May
6.00-7.00pm: Photographic Exhibition @ the Staircase Gallery, National Hotel (entrance off High St.)
7.00-8.30pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A @ the National Hotel (first floor – entrance from Staircase Gallery)

Dr. Brad Pettitt (Mayor City of Fremantle)

Senator Jordon Steele-John (Senator for Western Australia [Greens] and McKinnon Emerging Political Leader of the Year)

Prof. Carmen Lawrence
(former Western Australian Premier [ALP]; former federal parliamentarian [ALP]; current president Conservation Council of Western Australia)

Dr. Martin Brueckner
(Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability, Murdoch University)
Can politics save us from ourselves?

Humanity is changing the Earth in ways never seen before. The oceans are acidifying, the climate is changing, and world is awash in plastic. Scientists are telling us that we have pushed the Earth into an entirely new state, one dominated by human activity.

Welcome to the Anthropocene: the era of humankind.

If we have the power to shape the deep future of the Earth and all living things upon it, then how should we think, act and feel in this decisive moment?


Start with a climb through the Staircase Gallery. The photographic exhibition will take you on an aesthetic and scientific journey through the deep history of some the oldest landscapes on Earth, all the way to the rooftop of The National Hotel. Contemplate alone or with friends where we are now as a species and as a planet, with a drink from an elevated perspective. All prints for sale – make us an offer on the evening and help us to cover our costs!

Then drop a level for a panel discussion and Q&A exploring the role of politics in confronting human-caused environmental change. Here, listen to some of Western Australia’s most respected and experienced political minds as they discuss the political challenge of delivering a more sustainable, desirable and just future for all in the Anthropocene. This is a must-see event three days out from the Federal Election!

Grab a drink+food, have a chat, and lets tackle our decisive moment.

The National Hotel, Fremantle
Free event. Registration required.