Tura New Music Amazing Freo Gigs

Founder of Tura New Music, Tos Mahoney is an East Freo local. For 30 years, Tura has been a driving force in new music and sound art in Australia.

Tos was recently recognised for its work by winning the Award for Excellence by an Organisation at the 2018 Art Music Awards, presented by APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre.

Here are two performances NOT to miss.

From Monday 29 October to Wednesday 31 October, Disruptive Critters: Alive take up residence at PS Artspace in Fremantle.

This sonically abstract and texturally rich project features a massive projection and a multi-touch table-top console by the one of Australia’s pre-eminent visual-audio duos, Duckworth HullickDuo.

Real-time computer-generated virtual avatars (or critters) will roam the virtual performance space, responding to sound and movement. The critters, each with their own sound world, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with performers and each other in seemingly unpredictable ways.

Disruptive Critters is a concert and free play exhibition – a premier showing of the installation iteration allowing the public to freely play and interact with the DC console to create their own immersive audiovisual experiences. Players will be immersed in a responsive, interactive world where virtual beings teem and flock, collide and collude in various forms of playful mischief.

The Duckworth HullishDuo is a collaboration between researcher and designer Dr Jonathan Duckworth (RMIT), and composer and sound artist James Hullick (Jolt Arts Inc).

Then on Wednesday 14 November at Old Customs House in Fremantle, West Australian ensemble GreyWing present six works where the machine is front and centre. Ex Machina explores music made from, and inspired by machines and the mechanical. The works also deal with juxtapositions and parallels between the musically organic and assertive electronic gestures; creating something with an ethereal yet organic sound.
Works include pioneer in the field Robert Erickson, contemporary Europeans James Saunders, Peter Ablinger, Joanna Bailie and new works by Camilla Hannan, Lindsay Vickery and Dane Yates.
GreyWing is Kirsten Smith – flutes, Lindsay Vickery – clarinet/saxophone, Jameson Feakes – guitar, Catherine Ashley – harp and recently returned to Perth special guest Melanie Robinson – cello,

More information at www.tura.com.au