Archive for month: February, 2018

Seen at the Relay
FSN attended the fabulous community celebration for the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay. It included a Welcome to Country by Len Collard, music by the Lost Quays, and a chat with some of the baton bearers before the baton arrived (by jet ski!) from Rottnest.
Grigg Park is a great little park, bounded by Grigg Place, Snook Crescent, Lynch Place and Oldham Street in Hilton.…
‘Eau’ The Story
Water is life. Without water we cannot survive. Wherever men and women live it is a non-negotiable and essential element.…
Seen at the Art Centre
FSN spent another Sunday afternoon under the plane trees in the courtyard of the Fremantle Art Centre being thoroughly entertained this week by Reunion Island's Kiltir.
Seen at Laneway Festival
FSN had an amazing time at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Gorgeous people in attendance to see a lineup of incredible musicians. It was a live music experience like no other! Here are a few snaps.
Poached Eggs
A poached egg by any other name may possibly be the same. But it'd need to be a poached egg, not a pale simulation of a poached egg. So what is a poached egg and how should it be made and served in breakfast restaurants and cafes?
Ship Ahoy! Peace Boat
Fremantle Port was lucky to receive the Peace Boat, on it's 96th voyage promoting peace and sustainable development.
Seen at One Day
A huge crowd turned out to the Esplanade once again for this fun day of cultural celebration… Here are a few more snaps!