From Fremantle to Durban – the Uthando Project continues…

In our launch edition of Fremantle Shipping News we included an article titled-

‘The Uthando project: touching hearts, bringing play to life’

As a follow up to this article we present a short ‘photographic essay’ showcasing some of the wonderful people involved in this project.

A number of the Doll makers from around Australia have made visits to South Africa to attend and run community workshops, visit partner organisations and distribute dolls.
They pay all of their own costs, and use their luggage allowance on as many dolls and sewing kits as they can carry.
L.G.F Shipping- Langridge Global Freight assists them in the transport of the Dolls.
Approximate figures state that LGF have assisted with the shipment of 50,000 dolls over 10 years.
Here we show a few of the stages prior to the Dolls being shipped…

If you would like more information, including contact details for the doll making groups or to find out how you can donate, visit their website or Facebook.