There should be a law against it!


Freo Today. 21 June 2024. Nearly a month ago, on 23 May, we posted a pic of Lora Flora, street artist, hard at work in South Freo muralling two smart red-tail black cockatoos on the wall of a building at the corner of South Terrace and Nelson St. Turns out the painting ruffled the feathers of at least some of the building’s owners and Lora’s undertaking soon came to an abrupt halt, as we reported the very next day. We expressed the hope that ruffled feathers would soon be smoothed and Lora would be able to complete her exciting work before long. Well, that hasn’t happened yet. Which is a great pity. And yesterday a graffiti artist (we use the expression loosely) decided to make things worse by daubing around Lora’s incipient work. Can’t help but think that if Lora’s work had been finished by now, the graffiti would never have appeared. There should be a law against it!