A Hard Day for Dockers

It was a very hard day for the Dockers and supporters against Sydney. Cam McCarthy’s death framed the night. I cant imagine having to run out against the top team after your close friend and player’s life has just ended at the tender age of 29.

But professional footballers have to face such challenges. I believe that indeed we pressured Sydney and played as well in all parts of the game, apart from straightforward goal kicking. This score says it all.

We arrived an hour and half early to avoid traffic and had time to watch the Sydney forwards practicing their craft for at least an hour at one end. The difference later was obvious. Maybe its part of the reason why Sydney is on top at the moment.

Perhaps all AFL forwards should see that they need to spend serious time resetting their goal kicking techniques prior to every game. Such practice provides confidence and a more relaxed technique in front of goal. Our forwards are great to watch but the final kicks and their disappointment is heartbreaking.

Peter Newman
Fremantle member from the start


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