A ‘Presence’ to be reckoned with!

‘Presence’, an exhibition by S’n’B Collective will run at Terrace Greenhouse Gallery, corner South Terrace and King William St, South Fremantle, between 12 – 24 March 2024, 10 am – 4 pm daily.

You won’t want to miss it. It’s an exhibition of paintings, sculpture, textiles and jewellery that explores the theme and meaning around the theme of ‘Presence’.

The formal opening is on Friday, 15 March at 6pm – 8pm.

The fourteen artists exhibiting are members of a group collectively known as S’n’B – a network of female artists living in and around Perth, including many from around Freo, who meet regularly to provide a supportive base for one another and their practices.

Portrait artist, Jill Ansell’s work for the exhibition captures the first impression of a person.

Clare Bestow uses single origin wire to look at the presence and absence of boundary around space.

Tineke Van der Eecken uses precious metal and materials to express the personal significance of the ocean in her work.

Diana Papenfus work contemplates the presence of significant people and groups and their impact on our land and sense of place.

After a stint walking the beautiful forests of New Zealand, Louise Carre contemplates the presence and absence of birds, in particular the endangered and the potential absence of birds.

Innovation is often the territory of the artist and sculptor and painter, Georgina Moss, is no stranger to innovation. Using found objects and mixed media she has produced a series of bizarre but playful little ‘personages’, each with a unique animated life of their own.

Jeweller, Jude Sumich transforms and reconstructs found objects, costume jewellery and precious materials into desirable wearable pieces.

Carre Wylder has created sumptuous bold abstract oil paintings that ooze presence.

Beba Hall’s paintings explore balance and harmony in a series contemplating the practice of painting and creativity.

Sally Bilton has created intricate embroidered pieces in an exquisite focus on colour.

In her distinct, semi-abstract style, Sandra Perry draws upon the richness and colour of the West Australian landscape and coastal places that she finds inspiration from in her travels.

Ros Mitchell’s paintings are a dedication and delicate homage to the life model, a central part in the practice of many artists.

Textiles artist, Sylvie Miller works with intricate textiles and diverse materials to discover the presence of nature and country.

Dimity Gregson brings textiles and sculpture to the fore to capture the magical moments and presence of birds singing at dawn.

Visitors and viewers can expect a surprising range of works to delight all tastes and senses.

Here’s a little of what you’ll discover in the exhibition.

As you can see, the exhibition promises to be a ‘Presence’ to be reckoned with!


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