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Getting The Voice is our regular feature bringing you information about The Voice to Parliament and the Executive.

This week we invited the Freo4Yes campaign to contribute an article, which they kindly did, letting us know what they’ve been up to, what lies ahead, and what more Freo folk can do to help get the Voice.

Here’s the Freo4Yes article.

Over 320 volunteers have now joined Fremantle for Yes and this week marks the seventh week of campaigning for our teams across the Fremantle and Cockburn area that makes up the Federal electorate of Fremantle.

Since starting our campaign, we have knocked on 3000 doors around the Fremantle and Cockburn area and continue to scale-up our campaign. Our volunteers have been out every weekend and during the week speaking to residents, handing out flyers, and sharing a positive message about voting Yes in the referendum.

There has been a very strong response from across the community in Fremantle and Cockburn to campaign for Yes and it’s continuing to grow and grow. We are always delighted to hear from new volunteers who want to contribute and spread the word about the historic opportunity of a Yes vote and a Voice to Parliament.

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose in recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution and listening to First Nations peoples to close the gap in life outcomes between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.

We have received a very positive reception on the doorstep because in many cases people are bursting to have the conversation with a person rather than through social media or watching the debate unfold in the media. They want to share their views and questions and have a discussion with someone who lives in their community.

The conversations we are having have also shown us that there is an appetite to learn about referendums, the Constitution and what Yes will mean. We haven’t had a referendum since 1999 so if you are 42 years old or younger, you will have never voted in one! Some of the key things we have to remind people of is: “Yes, it is compulsory to vote” (unlike the same-sex marriage plebiscite), and we need a majority of the population and a majority of states to win.

This week, we were really excited to hold our first phone bank in our new campaign headquarters in Fremantle. We will be calling our community to speak to people who may not have heard about the referendum, are undecided or might want to know more about the step forward we can take later this year.

So many of our volunteers are new to political campaigning but have now become campaign leaders in their own right. It’s easy to join and we can help you get started. There’s been plenty of new friendships formed already and we are a strong outfit because of it.

We can’t get a Yes vote without a grassroots campaign. If you are a Yes supporter, we’d love you to join us.

In the devastating scenario where we wake up on a Sunday later this year to a No vote, you simply don’t want to be left feeling, ‘What more could have I done?’

So, do consider joining the team today!

* By Freo4Voice


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