Interview with Rob Delves and Christian Mauri – The Politics in the Pub Crew

Politics in the Pub has become something of an institution around Fremantle.

On the last Tuesdays of the month you will find a hardy bunch of folk who love to gather to hear about and discuss the latest issues around Freo. They could be local, Statewide, or national, even international in their reverberations.

Rob Delves (R) and Dr Christian Mauri

Former Freo Mayor, Dr Brad Pettitt and present Councillor Rachel Pemberton got the show on the road some years ago, but it’s Rob Delves and Dr Christian Mauri – rhymes with Ferrari – who keep things humming these days.

If you haven’t been you should. It’s fun. Look here to find out more.

Our editor, Michael Barker, was lucky enough to catch up with Rob Delves and Dr Christian Mauri to make this podcast and learn more about Politics in the Pub, something of its history, its aims and objectives and what keeps the two of them so wonderfully engaged in bringing Freo folk the monthly event at the Local Hotel in South Fremantle.


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Here’s the PODCAST. Enjoy!