The latest from WA Health on QE and Covid + passengers

Fremantle Shipping News has asked WA Health this morning for the latest information on the Covid affected Queen Elizabeth as she steams towards Fremantle with a Wednesday ETA.

Queen Elizabeth. Credit Jean Hudson

Here’s the statement from WA Health –

Cruise ship operators should abide by the national Eastern Seaboard and Western Australian Cruise Protocols and also have their own COVID-19 plans.

In accordance with the protocols, while in WA waters cruise operators should report COVID-19 cases to WA Health 12 to 24 hours prior to arrival in a WA port.

The protocols set out the minimum standards expected, which include the need for reporting to occur. Under the protocols, those onboard vessels who have COVID should isolate for five days.

The cruising company Carnival Australia advised WA Health this week that passengers had tested positive to COVID-19 on the Queen Elizabeth. The vessel operator is managing the COVID cases on board – according to its COVID-19 plan.

WA Health is in close communication with Carnival – the vessel is due to arrive in Fremantle on 30 November.

Despite our request, WA Health have not divulged the number of affected passengers and crew or the percentage affected.

One may assume, however, that by the time the QE arrives in Fremantle on Wednesday many affected passengers will have completed their 5 days isolation.


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