The Latest On Mojos Bar and Andrew Ryan

We brought you the latest on Mojos last week with this story, which folk continue to read closely.

However things have moved on, as we predicted, with a further statement from Mojos.

Here’s Mojos latest post on their Facebook page concerning the venue and Andrew Ryan.

Here’s the full text of Mojos Facebook post. It speaks for itself.

To our valued patrons, staff, performers and artists, we are deeply sorry.

We let you down. We have always believed Mojo’s to be a place where performers, staff and patrons alike can come to listen to good live music in a safe environment. We wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologise to those we have failed.

We want you all to know that we have heard the community loud and clear and have, and will be, responding accordingly. This past week, we have been working hard to ensure that we undertake the first steps to guarantee that Mojo’s is the place that we all wish and expect it to be.

As we have previously advised, Mr Andrew Ryan has ceased his role with Mojo’s and will not be returning. We are also working with him on his orderly exit from the Company. In the short term, and to enable these processes to be completed, we will be closing Mojos. When we reopen, it will be the Mojos that our community can be proud of.

We are currently working with community organisations that will provide a forum for reporting and/or counselling for anyone who has felt unsafe at Mojos or around anyone associated with Mojos. More information will be available about this soon.

We also want to address our previous Facebook post from 2 April 2021. We acknowledge that as an initial response that post was completely inadequate and did not reflect our commitment to resolving this, or our deep remorse for the situation. We do not however want to make an emotional circumstance for many people more traumatic by enabling that post to create additional issues for people who have responded or commented on that post in a way that may not be in their best interests. We have therefore made the decision to delete that post and all comments made under that post.

We do not wish to silence anyone but we would like to remind members of our community that comments made on these pages are not without potential consequences. As such, although we aren’t lawyers, we will be monitoring and moderating the comments made on the posts on this page and removing any comments that we consider may not be appropriate, including comments that may be classified as defamatory or cause other issues under law.

We have appreciated all the support our community has shown Mojos in what has been our toughest year. While we work to reopen the Mojos our community was so prepared to support, we think it is important that you all know that none of the directors are taking any amounts out of the business and no distributions are being paid to shareholders.

Again, we apologise to all members of our community, artists, patrons and staff for the hurt that Mojos has been associated with in recent times. We want you to know we are committed to you and are working hard to see Mojos reopen as the Mojos you have supported and loved for all these years, and of which we can be proud.

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