Layla O, Famed Agony Aunt, Arrives at Shipping News

Now, Loyal Ship-ees, we know this may come as something of a shock, but, yes, the rumours were true, after all.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the highly successful Agony Aunt, LAYLA O, at the Shipping News.

The incomparable, the irrepressible, the irresistible, the sometimes irritating LAYLA O will now regularly weave her particular brand of video magic here on the Shipping News.

As you will soon discover, Layla is the mistress of mellow, mellifluous and sometimes melancholy advice for those who find themselves in need in these pandemic times.

She has brought with her to the Shipping News her loyal followers from YouTube, numbering in the many, and now looks forward to answering your very Freo lovelorn letters each Friday.

If you’re in need, email your question to LAYLA O at

Here’s Episode 1. Sleepless on my couch …