Fremantle Wesley Church – A Place of Solitude, Beauty and Activity…

Fremantle Wesley Church – A Place of Solitude, Beauty and Activity in the Heart of Old Fremantle

Look at the accompanying photographs. This church was built in 1888. It replaced an earlier Methodist church on the same site from 1841, some 12 years into the colonial settlement of Western Australia and Freo.

The exterior of the building has its own clean lines. But look at the interior. The timber-lined ceiling. The old, 1902, organ. The stained glass. We think it the loveliest church building in all Fremantle!

Walk in and enjoy the quiet space. Walk around and explore. See the old Fremantle family names on the 1914-18 memorial.

Since 1841 the Methodists, and since 1977 the Uniting Church, and their members have practiced their religion and engaged with the Fremantle community from this wonderful building in central Fremantle; at the corner of Market and Cantonment Streets. You can’t miss it. Visit soon.

The Church today is looking at fresh ways to remain part of the Freo community.

The Rev Brian Carey kindly discussed with the Shipping News what is happening in and around Fremantle Wesley Church today, it’s missionary role in the local community, and the role of the Church more generally in contemporary society as the second decade of the 21st century draws to a close.

Listen to the Rev Brian Carey below.