Parmelia Park

Parmelia Park, on Chester Street, near where Orient Street intersects with Parmelia St, is both well-loved and well-used by the local community.  The park was created in the inter-war years, and named after the HMS Parmelia, on which Captain James Stirling and early settlers arrived in the Swan River Colony in 1829.

One of South Fremantle’s larger parks, it includes a large grassed area, large trees, public toilets, benches, basketball ring and sheltered playground with sand pits, climbing frame, slides and swings. A big, South Fremantle community picnic happens here each summer.

The best way to get there is to take the Blue Cat to Orient St, and walk the short distance east up Orient St to the park.  The park is yet another good place to relax after a meal or coffee at the nearby cafes at the southern end of South Terrace. Consider returning to South Terrace from the park by nearby Harbour, Commercial Streets or McLaren Streets for the nearly-complete South Freo experience.

Blue Cat Stop 10

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