When will the live export trade end?


Freo Today. 31 January 2024. Last evening at the Port, a good number of folk protested the continued holding of some 2000 sheep aboard the livestock carrier Bahijah, currently at anchor in Gage Roads just off Fremantle. She’s been stranded at sea and off Freo for weeks on end due the Middle East crisis that has prevented her from easily accessing the Middle East past Yemen. Let Them Off and Ban Live Exports were rallying cries supported by Fremantle Federal Member of the House of Representatives Josh Wilson and Greens MLC in the State Parliament Dr Brad Pettitt. As we reported in March 2023 the Federal Government then announced the export trade of live sheep would end but failed to specify a date. Plainly the trade is on borrowed time. The obvious question is: When will the live export trade end? See our Live Export Trade Protest Rally gallery here..