Livestock Export Trade On Borrowed Time


Freo Today. 5 March 2023. Here’s the livestock carrier Al Kuwait in Fremantle Port last Thursday, 2 March 2023. The next day, 3 March, the Australian Government announced it would soon take steps to phase out the live sheep trade. The ban on the trade has been a long time in the coming, although it appears it won’t be put in place overnight. The Agriculture Minister, Murray Watt, indicated the end of the trade probably won’t occur during this term of the Albanese Labor Government. As indicated in a Facebook post by Fremantle Labor MP Josh Wilson, the Government has appointed an independent four-person panel to consult with stakeholders and develop a considered and orderly transition plan. The decision is of particular relevance to Fremantle as much of the trade occurs out of Fremantle. Plainly, the livestock export trade is now on borrowed time.