Penholders and public profit from FFBH/Capo D’Orlando Drive improvements

Last year, the Fremantle Harbours Master Plan was launched. It identified the need to improve facilities for recreational boating in the southern part of Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, adjacent to Capo D’Orlando Drive.

Well, it’s all happening!

Work to upgrade Jetty 3 was completed last year, along with the essential preparations for the delivery of the first penholder facility and services upgrade.

The Department of Transport, who controls these works, is now progressing with the construction of the penholder facility on reclaimed land benefitting both penholders and harbour visitors.

Phase 1 of the overall project involved the awarding of a $6.2 million contract to local company, Advanteering in October 2022. 
The Phase 1 works were completed in September 2023, and included –
* Land reclamation for the Amenities Building, through extension of the southern land-backed wharf, creating an additional 600 square metres of land.

Completed Land Reclamation for the Amenities Buidling – 03/10/2023

* Installation of upgraded services along the southern edge of Capo D’Orlando Drive.
* Improvements to pedestrian pathways and landscaping, making the southern precinct a more inviting and safer area for the public to access.

Phase 1 safe pedestrian road crossing and landscaping

Phase 1 safe pedestrian footpath and lighting, landscaping

Phase 2 of the project, announced today by Minister for Transport, David Michael, will see the construction of a modern penholder facility in a secure area, in line with marina design standards. Penholders can expect access to the new facility by early 2026.

A $2.9 million contract for the Phase 2 works has just been awarded to local company, Schlager Group Pty Ltd.

The contract is for the design and construction of the first dedicated penholder facility at the harbour featuring changing facilities, kitchen and laundry facilities, a dedicated covered BBQ area and accessible toilets – including two that will be available to the public.  

The work will also see the creation of storage spaces and an area for trolleys and bins, new fencing and CCTV improvements to boost safety.

Works on site will commence in early 2025, after the completion of the design phase that will be undertaken soon.

As local Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk observed following today’s announcement –

“This represents another important step in the Cook Government’s Fremantle Harbours Master Plan, that aims to beautify Fremantle’s waterfront and make it more accessible to locals and visitors to our great port city.

“The new penholder facility will be well appointed with modern conveniences and provide pens for public as well as private use.”

By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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