Fremantle flags

Fremantle needs more flags.

As a cyclist and former boat owner, I am always interested in the wind. So are many other Fremantle people.

But there’s hardly a flag to be seen in the port city. There’s a flag on the Town Hall tower that can be seen from many parts of Fremantle. But that’s about it.

Several old buildings, such as hotels, have flagpoles, but they rarely pull up a flag. Some government buildings, including the police station in High Street, have flags at street level, but they’re no use as wind vanes.

Happily, a building at the corner of South Terrace and Wray Avenue flies a Dockers flag pretty much year-round, and also an Australian flag.

There should be more of it.

The old harbour control tower, now occupied by the volunteer Fremantle Sea Rescue group, would be an ideal place for a flag. It could be seen by skippers, cyclists, weather-watchers and many others.

So, let’s get some flags flying. Perhaps the City could get things moving by providing its flag to businesses and building owners happy to erect poles.

We have a wonderful wind in Fremantle. Let’s use it.

By J J Maher


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