Grainne rows for Gaza – again

Shipping News readers will recall our story on Grainne McCabe, who suffers from MS, rowing for Gaza to raise funds for the kids so stricken by the continuing conflict in Gaza. Well, Grainne is rowing for Gaza again, as she explains here. She would love you to contribute to her UNICEF fund raiser if you felt compelled, as she does, to do something for the kids of Gaza. Here’s the UNICEF link.

Last Sunday after a particularly good night out I woke with that terrible heartache that has become familiar to us all. I checked the news to see if anyone (America, Australia, the EU) had said anything of substance or weight to the Israeli govt that might get them to stop the slaughter of palestinians in Gaza.

Anyway as usual nothing … instead the news of Australia rescinding visas to people escaping from Gaza…wow… I had a lot to say in my email to Penny Wong (unfortunately it was the day she married her long term partner) so she didn’t reply to me.

My frustration had now reached boiling point and I decided it was time to see if I could raise some more money for Unicef by completing another rowing challenge while trying to avoid a relapse of my MS..

Needless to say I didn’t chat to the dearest beloved about another challenge as she had reminded me recently that it had taken me a week in bed to get over the last challenge over Christmas (where I had raised over $8,000!)

Note the important bit of $8,000 going to Gaza!! Thank you to all who donated.

So Sunday morning I got on the rower and did 2kms and decided that 15kms in 10 days would have to do. Ive a small procedure booked in 11 days time, which will preclude me from getting on the hellish rowing machine for six glorious weeks!

So on Monday i did 3 kms and went to bed! Wednesday i managed a few more kilometres and again back to bed with significant fatigue and a big increase in pain … Friday I did 2kms. I’m writing from the bed!

So I’ve a mere 7kms to go before next Tuesday.

Donations of nearly $2,000 have been steadily coming in, from people like yourself who read the news, see the pictures of the starving kids and feel compelled to act.

The picture that really got me this week was a child aged about six, with cystic fibrosis, there was a before the war photo and a now photo. It is clear that this child is dying of starvation, a wholly man made consequence of not allowing food into Gaza.

So if like me you feel compelled to do something please think about donating again to my UNICEF Rowing for Gaza.

* By Grainne McCabe


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