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Songs of the Sea
The Lost Quays are a popular 11 voice male choir dedicated to singing sea songs and shanties. How more Fremantle…
Movie Review – The Zookeepers Wife
Written by MB The maxim, 'Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn' is never far from mind throughout this…
Movie Review – Jasper Jones
Written by MB Let me say right off, I just loved this movie. Arthouse in the very best sense of…
Mrs Samsons of Fremantle – book now for Heritage Week
This Heritage Week make sure to see the historic Fanny's Cottage/Samson Family Museum in Cliff Street. The museum will be open to the public on two mornings in May to present “Mrs Samsons of Fremantle".
The UN of Football
If you love the world game, call by Bruce Lee Oval on South Street, Beaconsfield on a Saturday afternoon to see the most wonderful assortment of talent on show, from all around the world. Neil Rose, one of the players, explains what happens and how it has come about.
Did Indigenous warriors influence the development of Australian rules football?
There are aspects of Australian rules football that never fail to puzzle the uninitiated.
Little poems of ship names – mismatched and serendipitous pairings
Jo Darbyshire writes about her work on recycled book covers and the ships that provide inspiration.
The 2017 Fremantle International Portrait Prize
The Fremantle Portrait Prize was the brainchild of Dale Neill, a distinguished Fremantle portrait photographer and is now the fastest growing photography award in the country.
Jo Darbyshire is about to open a new exhibition exploring shipping and the WA coast at PS Art Space in Fremantle.

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