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Investigator Instigates Huge Interest
The Investigator arrived in Port this week. She’s a lovely looking vessel, very pretty on the water and tied up. Our photographers Deanna Shanahan and David Smyth took a great array of shots of her.
Fremantle to Bali Offshore Race Countdown is on: one year to go…
Fremantle to Bali Offshore Race Countdown is on: one year to go Fremantle Sailing Club has invited the Australasian Sailing Community to…
What A Cruise Ship Season!
35 Cruise ships visited Fremantle in the 2018-2019 Cruise ship Season.
The ‘Pacific Eden’ No More – but Wait, There Is More!
Continuing the explorer theme, four distinguished explorers were shortlisted for the ship’s new name and the travel trade and Columbus…
Ferrying into Freo
As you come downstream into Freo's inner harbour - the Port - from East Freo way, you encounter the old railway bridge and then find your way into the Port. Enjoy this photographic journey created by our intrepid David Smyth. 
Another beautiful day in Freo!
The sun is out, the sky is blue, the Tuarts in White Gum Valley sort of quiver and sway. (With…
Freo Waking Up
Today is a perfect day. Warm. Visitors in town. The Port humming. Here are some early morning shots by our talented photographer, Deanna Shanahan.
The Coming & Going of CBH’S Kwinana Loaders
CBH has grain loading terminals at Kwinana, Esperance, Albany and Geraldton. The Kwinana facility, the busiest of them, is part…
Dinosaurs or giraffes?
You can take your pick! Get down to Victoria Quay and watch them in action, day or night. Fremantle is…

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