Coral Park

In our Secret Freo Department we feature parks and gardens, both big and small. Hunt around and find one you like and take a visit. If you know of some we’ve missed – and we know we have – do let us know!

Located between Coral Street and Wyola Lane, at the bottom of lower Silver Street, is another lovely, small, nearly secret, South Fremantle park. 

Like the nearby Gold Street Park and Florence Park, it is but a short step from the South Terrace cafes.  Wander a short distance west from South Terrace along picturesque Silver Street and you will soon arrive there.

There’s a fun ‘snow board’ for kids to balance on and fall off, trees to climb, and a park bench for the caregivers to collapse on.

The park has recently received a major upgrade from Freo Council. New lawn has been laid, shrubs planted and new seating installed. All in all a fab place to be!

Here’s how it looks today!

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