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The optimal Freo Gig Guide has arrived here on FSN. We have our eyes on the edges, our ears to the ground and our network buzzing to bring you the latest gig news each week.
Book review – Kathleen O’Connor Of Paris
When you finish reading this wonderfully thoughtful and reflective, and beautifully written, book - mostly biography, like a novel in…
Digital platforms. Why the ACCC’s proposals for Google and Facebook matter big time
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released the preliminary report of its Digital Platforms Inquiry, and Google and Facebook…
Book review – the tree
Every photographer around Australia, and certainly Western Australia, knows Richard Woldendorp's landscape photography. He is a photographer's photographer. And we,…
We asked five experts: should I lie to my children about Santa?
Apparently, because kids can't read we can tell them pretty much what we like.
Book Review: The Coves
For a few short years they ran organised crime, terrorised anyone who got in their way and, on six occasions, burned most of the town. No wonder the locals eventually drove them into historical oblivion!
Can a Quokka Quack? A Very Freo Book
Jolly Read, a Freo-based author and journalist, has written and produced a quirky kids’ quokka story just in time for…
Movie Review – Widows
The slowest slow burn ever. Crime. Politics. People. Life. A heist. A little Coen Brothers, a little Hitchcock, a lot Steve…
The End of World War 1 and the Hero from Fremantle
November 11th always brings us to remember the ending of a particularly horrendous war. In St Pauls Church in Hampton…

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