The island hopping Island Princess


Freo Today. 21 February 2024. The Island Princess arrived in Freo around 7 am this morning. Very sleek. Very fashionable. Quite large. As we reported recently she’s in from Adelaide and on her way to Benoa, Bali and eventually the Mediterranean. Truly an island hopping Princess. She left Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the beginning of January and has seen many Pacific island countries on her planned journey to Civitavecchia-Rome, Italy with arrival in early April. The Red Sea hostilities have rather messed up many cruise line itineraries, Island Princess’s included. We understand she’s now going via the Cape, the Suez being out of the question. This is a ‘transit’ stop in Fremantle. Here just for the day. She departs again at 6 pm tonight. Take the kids or the oldies down to Victoria Quay to see her leave. Always a lovely thing to do. A peaceful easy feeling as the big cruise ships steam out of port. And then wander off for a meal somewhere nearby in Freo. So many to choose from!