Music and Funds for Ukraine


Freo Today. 21 November 2022. What an afternoon Christmas Fundraiser for Ukraine Concert it was at Fremantle Town Hall yesterday afternoon. It ended with not one but two renditions of the ‘unofficial’ Ukraine national anthem to which the folk from Freo and afar who packed out the Town Hall stood as one to applaud. Talk about talented performers. The audience were treated to wonderful classical performances of music, Ukrainian traditional music and songs, and opera too. Appearing were Max Wung, Ellie Malonzo, Paul Wright, Myroslav Gutej, Irina Buevska-Cowell, Anastasia Dudar, The Echo of Ukraine Singers, Ruth Burke, Benjamin Del Borrello, Lydia Lai, and the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra who filled out the stage beautifully as this photograph from the event shows. As we reported during the week, all proceeds from the concert go to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal for emergency housing and urgent humanitarian needs with an emphasis on women and children.