Le Havre and CMA CGM Tancredi – Cyprus & Malta, France & Sicily


Freo Today. 31 July 2023. The rain keeps coming to Freo. As do the container ships. On the left is the Le Havre. She sails under the flag of Cyprus. Big ship. 336 m long and 45 m breadth. Gross tonnage 108069. She’s 17 years old this year. In from Adelaide and departing tomorrow for Singapore around 7 am if you want to catch her leaving. Le Havre of course is the big port city in Normandy, France. On her right is CMA CGM Tancredi. Another big ship ever so slightly smaller than Le Havre, despite the pic making it look otherwise. 335 m long, a breadth of 43 m and gross tonnage of nearly 92,000. She sails under the flag of Malta and is 12 years old. She’s in from Adelaide and will depart tomorrow around 3 pm for Port Klang, the port for Malaysia’s capital, KL. Tancredi was the last of the blonde-haired Norman Kings of Sicily who died about 829 years ago in 1194. Rossini immortalised him an opera of the same name. Both ships will look picturesque departing tomorrow – almost certainly in heavy showers of rain!