A medley of the mobile menagerie or just plain simple Dockers fans?


Freo Today. 29 March 2024. Once upon a time even the notion that folk might play footy on Good Friday, let alone eat meat, was heretical, to say the least. Might have earned you excommunication from civilised society. But today the Freo Dockers will be aiming to extend their joyous communion with their legion of hamburger and pie eating fans at Optus. Go Dockers! Whether or not this lovely, reflective piece by our regular reader and fan of The Weekly Edition, John Adderley, has either a religious theme or a footy one is, Dear Reader, for you to decide. John explains that Autumn is his favourite season of the year. Fine sunny days, cooler nights and fresh early morning airs. He says such ideal weather brings forth enthusiastic exercisers and droves of dawn dawdlers to pedal the pavements and scamper the parks and beachfront pathways. Plus a few bemused on-lookers! He calls his pic A medley of the mobile menagerie. That said, we reckon they could be just plain simple Dockers fans on their way to the footy. We love it. Thanks John.