Electrify Fremantle

Professor Peter Newman AO writes about the Electrify the Valley event coming up on 15 June and how it should lead to Electrify Fremantle. You might like to get along to find out more.

On Thursday night, Australia joined the world by passing laws that limit the pollution from new vehicles. The laws favours a more rapid transition to electric vehicles. It is a part of the journey we are on to deal with climate change by electrifying everything. Almost everything anyway, certainly our homes and businesses and transport systems in Fremantle can do it, and tap into sunshine, not oil.

We are starting something to enable Fremantle to be a leader in this transition and our first meeting is coming up on 15 June.

Electrify the Valley is well underway under the energetic leadership of Roy Lewisson and hundreds of keen households across White Gum Valley. Curtin University is doing projects that demonstrate the electrify model in WGV and other parts of Fremantle, including how to get an electric trackless tram. Plico is a business with an interesting community-based model for setting up your house with solar and batteries which is already attracting interest across Australia. It started in Dunsborough!

These will be further explained at the workshop in St Pauls Hall, Hampton Road, Beaconsfield. A big focus will be on what it means to get off gas. How easy it is to replace heating, hot water and gas stoves with heat pumps and induction stoves. Also we will be discussing how to spread the model of Electrify the Valley into other parts of Fremantle and then make it a complete Freo thing…followed by the rest of Perth and the World.

If you think that this electrifying everything is a bit slow and not likely to change much, have a look at the figure in the graph that shows how rapidly the world is adopting wind, solar, EV’s and batteries. Any part of the economy not electrifying everything will soon be left behind. So, get on board and find out how we can help show the way in Fremantle.

By Peter Newman


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