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Don’t Miss The Diver – Best Australian Short Film Winner, At Flickerfest Thursday night
Michael Leonard and Jamie Helmer, the brains and braun behind the film production company, Golden Moss Films, are short film…
Looking for love on a dating app? You might be falling for a ghost
The Shipping News has it on good authority that dating apps are very widely used and not to be scoffed at. But are we Freo Folk who use them actually meeting real people, or only figments of our own imaginations?
From The Terrace – Arty Tarty
From The Terrace is a regular column taking a light look at Fremantle life through the eyes of a semi-fictional quintet who meet weekly at a café and pontificate about an array of subjects.
RV Falkor – Some Facts & Stats
There’s this dinky little boat tied up at Victoria Quay at the moment, apparently until 8 March, called the Research…